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About Christine Simonetta – About Us

How I Came To Be A Midwife

My first exposure to midwifery was one that was sought out of necessity. When I became pregant with my daughter I started my care with an OB practice. I attended two visits then, during those visits, I would wait and wait with anticipation for my turn to see the doctor. When I finally made it into the examination room, the visits were brief, rushed, disconnected, and clinical. I left those visits disheartened. I felt like I was not being seen or interacted with as a unique person. This was not the car that I wanted for myself, my family, or my growing baby. I wanted the person that I chose to attend me during my pregnancy and birth to interact with me, know me and care for me, as an individual. I knew that being pregnant and giving birth were natural, normal processes. Normal processes that would not only transform me, but also my husband and our growing family. Processes that I wanted to be educated about and supported in by the person who cared for me. I found a care provider that exceded my needs as a licensed midwife. She faciliated my pregnancy, birth and postpartum education, heard me, saw me, informed me and made me an integral part of my care. My pregnancy and birth were very fulfilling and empowering. The experience changed me forever. This was my journey into the art of midwifery. Since then I have been working toward giving similiar care to the mothers and families that have chosen me to serve them.


I earned a BA in Social Psychology from Florida Atlantic University. Then I started my study of herbs, wildflowers, and trees and their medicinal usage. I was fortunate enough to apprentice with a local herbalist. After my informal midwifery education with the pregnancy and birth of my daughter, i embarked on my official midwifery training. This began with a hands-on apprenticeship with a licensed midwife that continued for 4 years. During my apprenticeship my education commened at Miami Dade College where I graduated with a Midwifery Degree. Then went on to pass my state license and national certification examination. I am also a certified doula and childbirth educator. I love what I do, and would love to hear from you and answer any questions about the services that I provide.

Christine Simonetta

  • B.A. Social Psychology 1997 Florida Atlantic University
  • AA Midwifery Program 2006 Miami Dade College
  • Florida Licensed Midwife  since 2007
  • Certified Professional Midwife  since 2007

Kelley Hewitt

Christine's Birth Assistant Kelley has attended over 500+ births as both a primary midwife and a midwife's assistant.
  • Florida School of Traditional Midwifery 1997
  • Midwives of Melrose homebirth practice 1998-2001
  • Florida Licensed Midwife 1998-2005
  • Retired licensed in 2005 and began attending births as an assistant in 2006
  • B.A. Environmental Studies  University of Central Florida 2012
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